• No Hidden Fees
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No Credit Check


Breathe easy! Because of the way the Cupre card works, you’ll never have to worry about being charged for overdrawing your account.


Your Cupre card comes with access to the largest networks of Surcharge Free ATMs in the nation, this means there are over 80,000 available to you all over the country!


Our handy APP puts your entire account in your pocket and locates the Surcharge Free ATM nearest you. Get it at the APP Store or Google Play.


We offer FREE direct deposit, just fill out our simple form and give it to your employer.  You can also add cash directly at thousands of Visa ReadyLink locations.


Swipe your Cupre card anywhere Visa is accepted, use it to pay your bills, get cash back at your favorite stores, and do it all with peace of mind knowing that your card is protected from unauthorized transactions.

Swipe Your Cupre Card Anywhere

Visa Debit Is Accepted.

The Only Prepaid Visa Card Created With u-logo-high-res In Mind.








Have questions?
We have answers.

Prospective Cardholders

How do I get a Cupre Prepaid Visa Card?

There are two ways to order. The first one is right here on this site. Just click the gray bar at the bottom of every page and you’ll be taken to the online order form. Anyone meeting the eligibility requirements in the Cardholder Agreement can apply for a card at www.mycupre.com. There is no credit check and no credit required for Cupre, but we do ask for your Social Security Number in order to perform a basic identity check required by the U.S. government. The second way to get a card is to visit a participating credit union and purchase a card inside the branch.

How do I get started?

After you’ve ordered your card, head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Cupre App. You’ll use the App to activate your card when it arrives, check your account balance, see your transactions and find surcharge free ATMs in your area. Don’t have an Apple or Android device? No problem! You can do it all by logging in to your account at mycupre.com

Where can I use Cupre?

Swipe your Cupre Prepaid Card anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. This includes millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide, many of which are surcharge free. Many merchants will allow you to receive cash back with your purchase when you choose “debit” at the register. You can also use your personalized Cupre card to make online purchases and order a second card for a friend or family member.

Is it easy to add money to my Cupre Card?

The best way is through direct deposit. Use the pre-filled form once logged onto your card account at mycupre.com. Simply print it out and give it to your employer. When you do, your paycheck will be automatically added to your Cupre card at no charge to you! You can also add cash directly at VISA ReadyLink locations and participating credit unions. You can even link another bank account to Cupre enabling you to transfer money directly to your card.

How can I be sure my money is safe with my Cupre Card?

Cupre deposits are FDIC insured through Central National Bank of Enid, Oklahoma, Member FDIC. If you ever lose your card, you can temporarily block it by logging into your account at mycupre.com or by calling Cupre Support at 833-MYCUPRE (692-8773).

What are the associated costs with using my Cupre Prepaid Visa Card?

For a full breakdown of fees, click here.

Is my Cupre Card a credit card?

No, your Cupre Card is not a credit card. It is a reloadable prepaid card and does not build credit history. The money that will be available to you is the money you add to your prepaid card account. Each time you use the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Existing Cardholders

How can I track my card use?

The Cupre App, available in the App Store and Google Play, is a great way to keep an eye on your card. Your balance and transaction history are just a couple of taps away! Cupre also offers notifications about your card through the App, via text message, and by email. We recommend App push notifications because they’re quick and easy to setup and use. If you use text messaging alerts, keep in mind that message and data rates may apply.

What do I do if my card is declined?

If you’re at a cash register, try your purchase again. You may have entered your PIN wrong, or the card reader might not have worked. If your purchase still doesn’t go through, check the Cupre App or give us a call so we can help you figure out what’s going on. If your card is declined at an ATM, make sure you’re at an in-network ATM before trying again to avoid fees.

How do I find a fee-free ATM?

Cupre has a huge network of surcharge free ATMs around the nation. You can find the one closest to you by using our Surcharge Free ATM locator.

How do I load cash to my card?

At participating locations, show your card to the cashier and tell them you’d like to add money to your prepaid card using Visa ReadyLink.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Head straight to www.mycupre.com and use the “Block” function to temporarily stop use of your card. If you don’t find it within a day or two, contact us directly at 833-MYCUPRE (692-8773), and we’ll help you order a replacement card. If you think your card was stolen, call us right away so we can get a new card to you and make sure no one uses your card without your knowledge.

Does Cupre have live customer service?

Yes! Live agents are here to help you 24/7! Just need to check your balance, see if that last transaction went through or change your PIN on the fly? Cupre has an interactive menu that can quickly take care of the little things.

How do I avoid fees?

The easiest fees to avoid are ATM fees. Try getting cash back at the register when you go shopping, and use the Cupre App to check your balance instead of visiting an ATM. If you do need to withdraw cash from an ATM, visit our surcharge free ATM locator to make sure the one you visit is in Cupre’s surcharge free ATM network.

Can I order a Cupre card for a family member?

Yes! Cupre allows you to add up to three secondary cards to your card account. Secondary cards work just like a primary card. As the primary cardholder, you have the option of funding the card as well. Secondary cardholders must be at least 13 years old. This is a safe, convenient way for a teenager to get paid by their part-time employer and a great tool to teach them how to handle money. Secondary cardholders can add their own money, so they must pass the same identity verification that primary cardholders do.

Why do I have a pending transaction for more than my bill?

Some types of merchants are allowed to request a certain percentage more money than is actually on your bill. This is to ensure that if you do incur any additional costs—like a tip—there’s enough money available on your card to cover them. That’s called a “hold”, and it’s common practice for every credit, debit or prepaid card. If you don’t incur any additional costs, or if the additional costs aren’t as much as the hold, the extra money will be returned to you within seven to ten business days. Holds from hotels, cruise lines and airlines can take up to 30 days to be returned. Please plan accordingly when you use your Cupre card with those merchants.